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During the primaries, Devine reportedly influenced or controlled where the Sanders campaign spent its money on advertising......and for that, Devine got a fairly healthy cut of the money. According to reports, his piece totaled over $10 mil.2/

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Facebook to publish data on Irish abortion referendum ads

Campaigners in Dublin celebrate the result of the Irish abortion referendum He said he hoped it would set a new benchmark for democracy in the internet era. “Providing data about online spending in the recent Irish abortion referendum sets an important precedent, which should apply now in every future vote,” Ryan said. “We want transparency about online political advertising so hidden funding does not distort the democratic process. What took place during the Brexit referendum and the last US presidential election cannot be ignored or allowed to happen again.” He is calling for Google to follow the example set by Facebook and provide details of advertising spending across its platforms including its search engine and on the video-sharing site YouTube. The Irish vote threw concerns about “ dark ads ” – targeted at individual voters or small groups, and not visible to the rest of the electorate – into sharp focus after it emerged that foreign organisations had been taking advantage of a loophole in Irish law to target voters online. Political parties and registered campaigns are barred from taking foreign money but the legislation dating from before the internet does not cover money spent directly on digital advertising. Ireland’s referendum drew worldwide attention from campaigners, particularly opponents of abortion, because its 8th amendment enshrined a near-total ban on the termination of pregnancies. It was the only western democracy with such strict rules so its decision was expected to have a global impact . Irish voters delivered a landslide in favour of legalising abortion . Under pressure from Irish politicians and activists, including the non-partisan Transparent Referendum Institute , Google banned all referendum-linked advertising on its sites.

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